About Leyden Family Services

Leyden Family Service and Mental Health provides a range of counseling, treatment and preventative care services for adults, adolescents, senior citizens, children and families. This includes treatment programs for those struggling with substance abuse, gambling addiction and other mental health problems. We specialize in offering professional help within a non-judgmental setting while supporting each individual's right to confidentiality. Whether seeking help for yourself, a loved one, close friend, employee or coworker, you will find at Leyden a dedicated staff committed to helping patients achieve their maximum level of independence, productivity and quality of life.

During our personal life journeys, we may discover new roads on which to embark. Leyden incorporates a breadth of services to provide for the unique needs of each individual. We provide comprehensive treatment plans for individuals with alcohol, substance abuse and/or gambling problems. We also support those suffering from temporary disruptions in their lives due to life changes, traumas and stresses. Our staff also regularly serves clients with serious and persistent mental illness, as well as those facing difficulties associated with aging.

At Leyden, we believe in working together with families, other professionals and the larger community. This is the key to providing our services effectively and the reason we offer further community education targeted toward individual life enhancement.

Please do not be discouraged from learning more about our services for fear of the inability to pay. You may be eligible for discounted fees, which can be determined at your first appointment or consultation. For further information, please contact us today. Or click here to learn more about the services offered at each Leyden location.