Therapy and Counseling Services

Many factors contribute to the formation of individual personalities and their reactions to the stresses of life. Such factors include environment, biology, culture and society. Oftentimes a person is faced with a conflict and is unable to resolve the problem alone. Leyden staff is dedicated to helping such people—adults, adolescents and children—find the answers within themselves.


Leyden offers adult outpatient programs that include individual, marital, family and group therapy, designed for those 18 and over who are having difficulty resolving inner conflicts and/or conflicts within social groups of which they are members.

Individual Therapy – for persons coping with depression, anxiety or loss; or those requiring help developing life enhancement skills.

Family Therapy – for persons facing issues that involve the entire family, such as parent/child relationships, school difficulties, and single- or step-parenting adjustments.

Couple Therapy – for persons facing problems of marital dissatisfaction or distress, including poor communication, conflict, and the evolving roles of men and women.
Adult Psychiatric Services
These services include psychiatric evaluations along with the prescribing, administering and monitoring of psychiatric medication for adults.
Case Management and Continuum of Care
Case management provides a continuum of services including ongoing linkage and support for a range of clients with serious and persistent mental illness. These clients, whose needs fluctuate in frequency and intensity, often require multiple psychiatric services and a great deal of help with practical problems of living. Coordination with other service providers, including hospital staff, is incorporated to provide clients with continuous help coping with their mental illnesses and dealing with the demands of daily living.
Adult Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program
This program is designed for those in need of more frequent and structured contact than what an outpatient program would provide. Our day program includes group involvement on both a social and therapeutic level, focusing on communication skills, problem solving techniques, vocational and educational tools, along with life skills.
Apartment Program to Foster Independent Living
Known as the Transitional Living Program, this program helps previously psychiatrically hospitalized adult clients develop their potential for independent living. This is accomplished through goal-directed, individual and group counseling, aid in securing employment and living quarters, and instruction in cooking, cleaning and budgeting. Transitional apartments are utilized to help individuals adapt to better living and to help acclimate them into the larger community.


Psychiatric services for children and adolescents include psychiatric evaluations, along with the prescribing, administering and monitoring of psychiatric medication.
System of Care Program (SOC)
This community-based program provides an array of critical, intensive therapeutic interventions and/or facilitation services for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed clients for whom DCFS is legally responsible. The program offers a continuum of services for the child, family and caseworker. The goal is to stabilize children in foster care by intensifying services when needed.

Intensive Therapeutic Services – intensive family or individual therapy for the child in their home once or twice a week. The goal is to maintain the child in his or her current placement.

Case Management Services – a variety of services or goods provided to help stabilize the child and current placement.

Respite Services – available to children in their foster homes, provided for residents of northwestern areas of Cook County.

Screening Assessment and Support Services (SASS)

The purpose of these programs is to promote the child’s wellbeing by maintaining them in the least restrictive setting, while working with families in their homes or other natural environments. Services are provided in a culturally and linguistically competent manner by masters level clinicians for residents of Leyden, Proviso, Wheeling, Barrington and Skokie.

SASS services include:

  • Screening, assessment and treatment of any child who may be at risk of psychiatric hospitalization and who is eligible for public funding under programs funded by the Division of Mental Health, Department of Children and Family Services, or Department of Public Aid

  • Access to coordinate community-based mental health services, either in lieu of or following inpatient care

  • Linkage of families and guardians with the appropriate level of care to meet the mental health needs of the child

Therapy and Counseling for Children and Adolescents
Our outpatient programs treat those up to 18 years of age, along with their family members. These programs deal with problems varying in severity, including issues related to individual difficulties, family crises, parent/child conflicts, school problems and behavioral difficulties. Therapy includes individual and/or family treatment.