The Leyden Mission

Leyden Family Service and Mental Health Center is dedicated to excellence in providing counseling, mental health, substance abuse, and social support services that strengthen individuals, families and communities. We provide these services with integrity, a caring spirit and with respect to individual needs.

It is the responsibility of Leyden Family Service and Mental Health Center to contribute to the attainment of this mission by continually identifying and redefining goals to guide the process for improving systems for all individuals we serve. Our organization commits itself to provide a fulfilling work environment for our employees, quality service for our clients and a spirit of shared responsibility with our community. 

The Leyden Family Service and Mental Health Center Mission was reviewed and adopted by the organization and epitomizes the purpose of the agency. Staff members are not expected to memorize these words, but rather to understand the service efforts and how individual job roles contribute to its accomplishment.

The Leyden Values

At Leyden, we realize success doesn’t come from proclaiming one’s values, but from consistently putting values into action. We provide all our services with a caring spirit and with respect for individual needs. Our professionals are open, responsive, accountable and dedicated, displaying the utmost integrity with every client.

Since our professional integrity is the basis of public trust, we take pride in caring for the people we are privileged to serve. We foster each working relationship free of bias and with respect for the individual, as outlined in the following principles:

  • Individuals have the right to self-determination.

  • Individuals deserve respect and a right to the preservation of intrinsic self-worth and dignity.

  • Individuals have an innate capacity for change.

  • Individuals have a right to receive services in a non-judgmental setting.

  • Individuals have the right to confidentiality.

  • Individuals have the right to have equal access to the type of service that will best meet their needs.

  • Individuals have the right to consistent, high quality care at all levels.

Our goal is to strengthen individuals, families and communities by providing only the highest quality counseling, mental health, substance abuse and social support services.